The BEAT Dance Tour is something that started at my kitchen table with my Mom, Dad and brother Vincent. We wanted to combine my love of dance & teaching, but we wanted to do it differently. I wanted it to be a unique learning experience where the teachers actually stepped off the stage and interacted with the dancers, an experience where even the least confident dancer in the class would leave feeling good about himself or herself. I wanted each dancer to walk away with more than just a combination. I felt extremely responsible for creating an environment where it wasn’t all about the medals, the scholarships, the YouTube views, the likes. I wanted it to be about growing, learning and setting a positive example for the dancers. I feel in my heart that we really succeeded in all of that, each year learning hard lessons, growing slowly, but surely. However, like anything else in life, there is always room for improvement.

After some very difficult and emotional discussions, Vinny and I have decided to put The BEAT on hiatus. Last season, we spoke with you — the teachers, parents and student about the many ways in which we might enhance The BEAT, and awesome additions we could make to raise the bar for our dancers. This feedback was invaluable and we’ve truly taken all your ideas to heart. Our intention is to come back better and stronger, with even more to offer all of you. This was not an easy decision at all, but we know in our hearts it’s the right one! Please ALWAYS feel free to reach out – our BEAT family means the world to us.

Thank you so much for all your love and support, and for being a part of The BEAT Dance Tour. We look forward to dancing with all of you again, real soon!

Love ,
Courtney & Vinny


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